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Obsidian Themes

I’m using  Minimal theme, with a couple of tweaks using the Style Settings plugin:

  • Heading font size increased for h1 (1.725em, with font weight of 700) and h2 (1.35em)
  • Heading divider lines (border below the heading) turned on for h1 and turned off for the rest
  • Strict embeds turn on
Import using Style Settings plugin
  "minimal-style@@h1-l": true,
  "things-style@@macOS-translucent": false,
  "minimal-style@@h2-l": false,
  "minimal-style@@h1": "1.725em",
  "minimal-style@@h2": "1.35em",
  "minimal-style@@show-grabber": true,
  "minimal-style@@h1-weight": 700,
  "minimal-style@@embed-strict": true,
  "minimal-style@@base@@dark": "#323232",
  "minimal-style@@bg2@@dark": "#323232",
  "minimal-style@@tag-radius": "14px"