Hi, I’m Michal 👋 #

Welcome to my blog, where I tend to write mostly as a way to keep a learning journal.

I’m mainly interested in machine learning and deep learning topics as well as dataflow/workflow systems, I usally work with  Python but occasionally I dabble in  Rust.

If you would like to get in touch, please reach out via  LinkedIn. If you prefer to check out my work instead, have a look at my  Github account.


My Obsidian setup

1177 words ·
6 mins
Sharing my setup and usecases for Obsidian, an application focused on knowledge base building on top of plain text markdown files.

Setting up, configuring and deploying Dask Distributed

1716 words ·
9 mins
A collection of tips and tricks for setting up, configuring and deploying dask.distributed in Python projects. Most of topics covered focus on single tenant access pattern, where potentially multiple instances of the same application or a project submit tasks directly to Dask’s scheduler.